Revolutionize Your Sales, Go Wearable

Posted on 26 October , 2015 by Oscar

Oscar_wearablesThere is no denying that the future lays with wearables. Whether they’re on our wrist, feet, arms, legs, even ingested, they are going to have a major impact on how we conduct our day to day lives. We are already starting to see the benefits in healthcare, so it’s only natural that this type of technology spills over into the world of business.

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ForceManager Now Available on Apple Watch

Posted on 07 October , 2015 by Xavier

Apple_Watch_releaseAfter the overwhelming reception we received following the release of our mobile application for the Android Wear platform, we’re pleased to announce that continued work in the wearable space means our CRM application is now available on the Apple Watch.

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Why the future of mobile CRM is wearable

Posted on 29 April , 2015 by Oscar

Were going to conduct a little experiment. Pick up your smartphone and, without turning it on, give it a good look. What do you notice? Its probably gotten larger over the last few years. Now, activate it - how many unseen notifications do you have? A dozen? More? Missed calls, emails, text messages, Facebook messenger alerts, WhatsApp messages, calendar updates, social media alerts, even your CRM is pinging you with a task alert that youve missed a 90-day follow up on a not-so-important prospect.

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ForceManager Launches The First Wearable CRM

Posted on 19 February , 2015 by Victor

Wearable CRM This application allows sales reps to report on tasks in real time directly on their watch, via voice dictation. The tool synchronises the data entered into other devices, combining all the information on the sales rep’s wrist.

The first sales management software integrated into sales representatives’ smartwatches will be presented during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from the 2nd to the 5th of March 2015.

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