What Sales Reps Can Learn from the Champions League Final

Posted on 28 May , 2018 by Adrian

There are few sporting events that can boast the TV coverage and attention of the Champions League. This year approximately 1.7 Billion people tuned in from around the globe to watch it – if my math’s right that’s something like 22% of the earth’s entire population…

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How to Create a Business Card That Doesn’t Get Thrown Away

Posted on 09 May , 2018 by Julien

Let’s face it, most of the prospects that I hand my business card to probably just throw it away. Those that survive end up coastering for a coffee mug or perhaps lining a middle draw somewhere. And this totally to be expected. Just think back to all the business cards you have received over the years - did you take note of each and every one of them?

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Keep Calm and Sell More

Posted on 03 April , 2017 by Julien Azarian


A sales rep’s best virtues are tolerance and perseverance. They are abilities that sales reps naturally demonstrate in times of difficulty. For example, coming out patient from a meeting after negotiating a tough deal with a potential client.


As well as reminding you to “keep calm” in awkward situations like the one above, here are some further reminders of some of the moments you’ll have certainly experienced at some point in your career with your portfolio of prospects or clients.


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Master Non-Verbal Communication, Master your Sales

Posted on 21 September , 2016 by Pilar

non-verbal communicationDid you know it takes just 1/5th of a second for you to make your first impression of someone?

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A Day in the Life of a 1970s Sales Rep

Posted on 08 September , 2016 by Victor

1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010…


The truth is, if you’re a sales rep and you still haven’t given any thought to digitalizing your sales management (with a mobile CRM for example)… what are you doing? It’s 2016 and the whole vintage thing is over.

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Sales Reps, A New Breed Of Pokémon GO Master?

Posted on 15 July , 2016 by Armand

Pokemon GOFor the uninitiated (or maybe those born before 1985) the latest instalment to Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise has, quite literally, sparked off the world’s largest scavenger hunt.

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9 Energy Thieves that Rob you of Efficiency at Work

Posted on 14 January , 2016 by Elisa

energy_thievesEnergy thieves can drain you of the strength needed to manage your team to the top. Here’s how to identify and avoid these gremlins so you can work more efficiently

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20 Signs You're a Die-Hard Salesperson

Posted on 23 December , 2015 by Julien

GIF.jpgHailed as heroes as news spreads like wild fire throughout the office of our exalted efforts in the field. Deal after deal, lead after lead, client after client - the CEO's merry band of deal brokers, their trusted troupe, their successful self-made salespeople.

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers."

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4 Factors That Determine The Destiny Of The Self-Made Salesperson

Posted on 11 March , 2015 by Pilar

“Are top salespeople born or made?” Many successful salespeople have an innate ability to sell. Others have learnt how to sell well. Having identified the 7 natural instincts of top salespeople, Steve W. Martin focuses his research on exactly what makes a self-made salesperson.


He pinpoints 4 factors that determine the self-made salesperson’s destiny:

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Steve Martin's 7 Natural Instincts of Successful Salespeople

Posted on 06 March , 2015 by Pilar

Do talented salespeople have specific personality traits? Are they born with a sales instinct, or can they achieve sales success through effort or by learning new techniques?

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