Back to School - A Roundup of the Best, Free, Online Sales Courses

Posted on 28 September , 2016 by Xavi C.

free sales coursesAs September draws to a close, you’ve no doubt heard stories from your children’s first couple of weeks of school. The nerves, tears, laughter, the refusal to let go of your trouser leg…

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5 Places to Study Sales in the US

Posted on 06 November , 2015 by Julien

A couple months back I compiled a list of some of the best sales course available in the UK and Ireland and after a heated debate with a colleague from the US (where she challenged my Anglo-centric agenda) we decided to put our heads together to help balance the books once and for all.

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Posted on 05 August , 2015 by Julien

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Overcoming 4 of the Most Common Sales Obstacles

Posted on 12 January , 2015 by Pilar

sales obstaclesA good sales leader knows exactly when their company’s sales activity is performing at 100%. Or whether certain factors or attitudes are actually preventing business growth.

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Is Your Website Helping to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle?

Posted on 02 July , 2014 by Andrea

sales cycle leadsBefore the advent of the internet, the sales cycle - the process that goes from securing a prospect to concluding a sale - and the buying cycle took place at the same time, and had a similar duration. The different stages of the sales cycle, seen entirely from the perspective of the company, are often summarised by the acronym AIDA:


  • Attention: attract the attention of the user to your product or service, as opposed to that of the competition.
  • Interest: raise the interest of your prospect by demonstrating that your offering will satisfy their needs or solve their particular problem.
  • Decision/Desire: this is where your sales team works to convince the consumer they want your product.
  • Action: when the prospect is almost convinced, lead them to take action and buy.
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Key Tips for Successful Sales Coaching

Posted on 18 February , 2014 by Oscar

sales coaching
What does it take to be an effective sales leader?


According to a study by Neil Rackham, an international expert on sales strategy, teams that receive training but no coaching or reinforcement post-training, experience a drop of 87% in knowledge acquired. A culture of coaching increases productivity because of the active participation of all those involved. And it makes for a more attractive workplace. And having long-term employees who know the company well - and are passionate about their work - accelerates sales growth and helps assure a secure future for the company.

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