Grab your Prospect's Attention in the First Call (so they don’t hang up within 30 seconds)

Posted on 24 May , 2017 by Lidia A.


Any good sales rep sees a sales opportunity behind every first call, but they should also be aware that the first 30 seconds are crucial in either securing or losing the attention of their prospect forever. Remember, having a positive attitude is 70% of the work into grabbing their attention.

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7 Hidden Techniques for Better Sales Closure

Posted on 15 February , 2017 by Julien


It’s time to take charge of your sales! Meet the most effective closing techniques and tips to boost your business output. 

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How To Introduce yourself At a Networking Event

Posted on 04 November , 2016 by Sebastián Lora de Mondesert


If you’re like the majority of sales reps, you know that sometimes you have to take that extra step to reach your sales goals. This means that on many occasions you’ll do more than what is expected of you to close out a deal

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How To Get A Potential Client to Say "Yes"

Posted on 05 October , 2016 by Nuno

How to get a client to say yesSales reps often deal with rejection from prospective clients when pitching their product. However, knowing how to spin a customer ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ could help you economize your efforts as a sales rep.

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Master Non-Verbal Communication, Master your Sales

Posted on 21 September , 2016 by Pilar

non-verbal communicationDid you know it takes just 1/5th of a second for you to make your first impression of someone?

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ForceManager Movie Series #2 Pulp Fiction

Posted on 09 June , 2016 by Jorge González


With lots of cream, and lots of sugar. 

Because that's just how he likes it. There's Just one blend for Winston Wolfe, arguably the smoothest, no-nonsense figure of efficiency that every sales representative dreams of being. His approach is bold, calm and to the point. But what makes it so effective? Let's take a look shall we.

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7 Cold Calling Tips For Sales Success

Posted on 06 April , 2016 by Julien

7_cold_calling_tips.jpgNeed advice on how to cold call? With the right frame of mind, it’s easy. Here are a few sales techniques to help you succeed the next time you cold call your future prospects.

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Sandler: The Sales Solution

Posted on 12 November , 2015 by Ana da Silva

Have you ever asked yourself why you became a salesperson? If you empathize with people, are perseverant and love a healthy challenge, you can be sure that your chosen profession was not the result of mere chance. You were born with the skills to tackle one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs out there. Sales is full of obstacles and requires a continuing review of the methodology, tools used and in particular, the behavioral practices of leads. 

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How to Craft The Perfect Sales Pitch

Posted on 30 September , 2015 by Julien

perfect_sales_pitchBeyond the obvious “knowing your product inside out,” I’m often asked what I believe to be the most important factors when it comes down to preparing for a sales pitch. Now I know there are hundreds of tried and tested methods out there, but the success of a potential deal often hinges on the delivery of yours or your sales team’s pitch, so it’s vital to get it spot on. Nail it to the wall. So here’s some food for thought on pitching that perfect delivery.

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5 Qualities Of A Good Sales Manager

Posted on 27 August , 2015 by Julien

sales manager qualities

Being a top sales rep does not automatically qualify you for a management position. You'll quickly learn that a sharp cracking of the whip won’t magically increase your sales figures, nor will it help earn you respect amongst your peers; what may have worked for you isn’t necessarily applicable to your whole team. However, that’s not to say you can’t find a way. Whether you have recently found yourself in a managerial position, or are simply looking to improve upon what you already know, here are a few qualities found in every (scratch that, most) good sales managers.

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