A Day in the Life of a 1970s Sales Rep

Posted on 08 September , 2016 by Victor

1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010…


The truth is, if you’re a sales rep and you still haven’t given any thought to digitalizing your sales management (with a mobile CRM for example)… what are you doing? It’s 2016 and the whole vintage thing is over.

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ForceManager CRM Movie Series #1 Glengarry Glen Ross

Posted on 11 May , 2016 by Luke White



Put that coffee down. Coffee is for closers.

The immortal words of Blake; the hardnosed, no nonsense sales shark played by Alec Baldwin in the 1992 cult movie Glengarry Glen Ross. As the first in our movie series, we’ll take a look at some of the most iconic sales screen adaptions to pluck out any takeaways, or in some cases, stayaways we might find. And there are a fair few. Let’s take a look.

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BYOD and Mobile CRM: The Advantages of Sales Mobility

Posted on 04 February , 2016 by Victor

BYODTrends such as BYOD continue to thrive as a practice used by many companies. But what can mobile CRM bring to this new work philosophy?

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your CRM?

Posted on 23 September , 2015 by Luke White

post-3CRM’s have been around long enough now for people to understand their role in streamlining and expanding revenue streams. However, understanding its value and maximizing its adoption across your team are two completely different things. Too many companies flounder somewhere in the middle. Yes, their teams are “using” a CRM, aware that it is adding value and organization to their work, yet very few are able to unlock its true potential; like being sat on a goldmine without the explosives.

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How to Incentivize Your Sales Team

Posted on 04 September , 2015 by Ana da Silva

Incentivize your sales teamWhen Frederick W. Taylor started to have vision problems at an early age, he had to settle for watching his friends play baseball from the stands. However, by embracing his role as spectator, he could assess the physical performance of his teammates, allowing him to seek new models and formulas to maximize the efficiency of the players. 

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5 Qualities Of A Good Sales Manager

Posted on 27 August , 2015 by Julien

sales manager qualities

Being a top sales rep does not automatically qualify you for a management position. You'll quickly learn that a sharp cracking of the whip won’t magically increase your sales figures, nor will it help earn you respect amongst your peers; what may have worked for you isn’t necessarily applicable to your whole team. However, that’s not to say you can’t find a way. Whether you have recently found yourself in a managerial position, or are simply looking to improve upon what you already know, here are a few qualities found in every (scratch that, most) good sales managers.

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This is why your sales team HATES the new sales CRM

Posted on 19 June , 2015 by Victor

As with most important things in business, and in life, the amount value that goes into a process is directly related to the amount of value that comes out the other end. Nowhere does this ring more true than in your sales CRM. Managers, especially managers that are leading the implementation of a new CRM application, have all been on the receiving end of an oft-painful lesson: your sales CRM is only as valuable as the information that is getting entered. 

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Is Your Website Helping to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle?

Posted on 02 July , 2014 by Andrea

sales cycle leadsBefore the advent of the internet, the sales cycle - the process that goes from securing a prospect to concluding a sale - and the buying cycle took place at the same time, and had a similar duration. The different stages of the sales cycle, seen entirely from the perspective of the company, are often summarised by the acronym AIDA:


  • Attention: attract the attention of the user to your product or service, as opposed to that of the competition.
  • Interest: raise the interest of your prospect by demonstrating that your offering will satisfy their needs or solve their particular problem.
  • Decision/Desire: this is where your sales team works to convince the consumer they want your product.
  • Action: when the prospect is almost convinced, lead them to take action and buy.
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Mobile CRM – The Solution for Increasing Your Sales

Posted on 25 February , 2014 by Victor

Mobile CRMThe ForceManager solution is based entirely on the concept of mobility to drive efficiency in the management of sales networks. In our view, mobile technology offers two key advantages: it gives you instant access to information on your customer, and allows for automatic recording of that information using mobile devices. With a proven return on investment.

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Key Tips for Successful Sales Coaching

Posted on 18 February , 2014 by Oscar

sales coaching
What does it take to be an effective sales leader?


According to a study by Neil Rackham, an international expert on sales strategy, teams that receive training but no coaching or reinforcement post-training, experience a drop of 87% in knowledge acquired. A culture of coaching increases productivity because of the active participation of all those involved. And it makes for a more attractive workplace. And having long-term employees who know the company well - and are passionate about their work - accelerates sales growth and helps assure a secure future for the company.

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