How to Tackle Customer Retention in Utility's Digital Era

Posted on 24 November , 2016 by Julien

One theme that underlined this year’s European Utility Week held in Barcelona, Spain, is that the industry is undoubtedly undergoing a significant transformation. Shifting international regulatory policy, hordes of actionable data and an increasingly connected consumer base are just a few of these driving forces.

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How To Introduce yourself At a Networking Event

Posted on 04 November , 2016 by Sebastián Lora de Mondesert


If you’re like the majority of sales reps, you know that sometimes you have to take that extra step to reach your sales goals. This means that on many occasions you’ll do more than what is expected of you to close out a deal

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ForceManager & Microsoft Discuss the Importance of Mobile CRM

Posted on 13 June , 2014 by Ana da Silva

Microsoft ForceManager Mobile CRMThe second edition of the "Sales efficiency on the move” conference, organized jointly by ForceManager, Microsoft and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, was held in Madrid on 10th June at the Microsoft premises, and brought together more than 100 professionals from all sectors.

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Sales Tips: 7 Laws of Sales Success

Posted on 06 June , 2014 by Pilar

successful salespersonForceManager recently announced completion of a further round of funding, putting us in a great position to continuing growing our technology-based sales management system. This milestone in our development led us to reflect on the core of our business – helping our clients increase their sales efficiency. With our years of combined experience in managing sales, we like to think we have a good idea of just what it takes to be a star salesperson.


We all want top talent for our sales team. But how do you identify the people who have that talent? What are the personality traits and skills that tell us that person is going to make a valuable contribution to our sales force?

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