How To Increase Sales Through Social Selling

Posted on 20 June , 2018 by Lucas Emma

Did you know that as of April this year there were 2.2 billion active monthly Facebook users, 546 million on LinkedIn and 330 million on Twitter? That’s a lot of people! Not to mention those using the increasingly popular photo/video streaming platform Instagram.

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5 Sales Predictions and Trends for 2018

Posted on 22 December , 2017 by Jordi Capdevila

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Is the Insurance Industry’s Digital Transition Really as Tough as Building a Pyramid?

Posted on 25 August , 2017 by Oscar

Towering in at around 480 feet and 750 feet wide, The Great Pyramid of Giza remains the last standing ancient wonder of the world. Experts estimate that it required somewhere around 2,500,000 blocks of solid stone to build, with each block weighing in at 2-15 ton. Add this to the difficulties involved with engineering and construction along with the unique challenges posed by the feeding, sheltering and organization of such an immense workforce required to build it…

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6.1 tweaks that you could (and should) use to improve your sales emails

Posted on 17 February , 2017 by Adrian

An optimized, creative and “human” (we’ll get to that later) email campaign generates 18x more conversions than a simple, standard one. How can you fine-tune yours to get the most out of it? From a sales point of view, as technology advances we have more possibilities regarding acquisition and loyalty-building strategies. Sales emails still have the potential to improve your open rate and the quality of your follow-ups.

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How to Tackle Customer Retention in Utility's Digital Era

Posted on 24 November , 2016 by Julien

One theme that underlined this year’s European Utility Week held in Barcelona, Spain, is that the industry is undoubtedly undergoing a significant transformation. Shifting international regulatory policy, hordes of actionable data and an increasingly connected consumer base are just a few of these driving forces.

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7 Common Mistakes that Could Cost You a Sale...and How to Avoid them!

Posted on 03 October , 2016 by Julien

Selling means putting a great number of skills to practice but the smallest slip could spoil it all. What are some of the biggest sales mistakes and how can you avoid them?

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How to Define Your Buyer Persona and Sell More

Posted on 07 July , 2016 by Armand



It’s important to first know your buyers before you start selling to them. Do you have a buyer persona? Today we’ll explain how you can define your ideal client.

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Why Lead Qualification is Your Next Priority

Posted on 04 January , 2016 by Xavi C.

post_en.jpgWhen is a lead ready to be passed on to the sales department? What prospects should the sales team focus on? Lead scoring? BANT? ... Today I’m going to explain the different levels of lead qualification and how you can go about applying them to your sales funnel.

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How to Incentivize Your Sales Team

Posted on 04 September , 2015 by Ana da Silva

Incentivize your sales teamWhen Frederick W. Taylor started to have vision problems at an early age, he had to settle for watching his friends play baseball from the stands. However, by embracing his role as spectator, he could assess the physical performance of his teammates, allowing him to seek new models and formulas to maximize the efficiency of the players. 

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The 5Ws of Sales

Posted on 19 August , 2015 by Javier Peralta

Before we start, let’s just make one thing clear. There is no, definitive rule book on how to close every-single-sales-deal-I’ll-ever-land-in-the-future. It’s just not possible; there will always be those that despite your championed sales book ’s efforts, are always just an arm’s length out of reach. But this is the beautiful nature of our industry - every new deal brings a slightly different challenge than its predecessor. Whether it’s the client’s temperament, office environment or acute sense of smell (ask me about that another time) not one deal will be the same.

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