4 Common Reasons Prospects Don't Buy

Posted on 27 June , 2017 by Julien

It’s the end of your sales visit and you’re pretty sure you’ve just delivered the perfect presentation. Not only are you offering them the best price, product and service but you’re prepared for any objection they might come at you with.

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Grab your Prospect's Attention in the First Call (so they don’t hang up within 30 seconds)

Posted on 24 May , 2017 by Lidia A.


Any good sales rep sees a sales opportunity behind every first call, but they should also be aware that the first 30 seconds are crucial in either securing or losing the attention of their prospect forever. Remember, having a positive attitude is 70% of the work into grabbing their attention.

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5 Tips for a Stand-Out Sales Presentation

Posted on 30 January , 2017 by Pilar

Companies often create sales presentations for field sales reps as a support to their sales. But how well do they actually make them? What happens if they’re badly done? How can you make sure you close a sale with a winning presentation?

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Does Non-Verbal Communication Impact Your Sales Pitch?

Posted on 22 July , 2014 by Pilar

Communication skills sales pitchConsider this: in a few minutes you have an important meeting to close a sale. But did you realise that only 7% of our communication is verbal? What about the remaining 93%? How can you gain the confidence of the person in front of you and make that sale?

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7 Tips to a Successful Sales Call

Posted on 24 March , 2014 by Pilar

Sales callDo you have an important sales opportunity coming up? If so, follow our 7 recommendations and we guarantee you’ll be ready to dazzle your potential client.

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