The Benefits of CRM & Marketing Automation Integration

Posted on 12 January , 2015 by Victor

CRM Marketing Automation Integration What makes a company excel at selling? An essential element is the value it places on CRM and marketing automation. And on knowing how to deploy them together.


By joining forces, the sales team and marketing department can use their respective marketing tools to provide an exemplary customer service – and increase profits.

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Why Should a Field Sales Team Invest in a Mobile CRM?

Posted on 22 October , 2014 by Oscar

Mobile CRMIt’s a fact. Mobile technology significantly improves the quality of field sales management. Tablets and smartphones are becoming essential tools for sales forces that want to excel by closing more deals - and increase profitability. Mobile-based technology, used effectively, helps you perfect conversations with your customers on a daily basis, and automate a large part of your sales activity.

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7 Tips on Delivering a Perfect and Powerful Sales Presentation

Posted on 25 September , 2014 by Pilar

Sales Presentation There’s an art to making a highly effective sales presentation.


It all boils down to two key elements. Content. And delivery. Get both of these right, and you stand a much better chance of making that sale.

The content of your sales pitch is a reflection of your company’s professionalism. It has to be impeccable and easy to understand if it’s going to help you sell your product. And to successfully deliver that great content, you need to capture your prospect’s attention from beginning to end.

 The following 7 steps show you how.


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Sales Techniques: Key Principles Behind the Science of Persuasion

Posted on 18 September , 2014 by Pilar

Sales Techniques Science of Persuasion Think for a second about the day-to-day work of your sales team… Which words spring to mind? Challenging? Problematic? Gratifying? And what are the universal principles behind the science of persuasion?

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Social Selling: a Must, Whatever Your Business

Posted on 09 September , 2014 by Pilar

Social Selling Forget for one moment your phone and email. Imagine that today you have no meetings with customers or colleagues. Don’t put your feet up though… because despite these somewhat unusual circumstances, you’re still communicating more than ever. Your company’s various social profiles are continuing to project your image - and provide insight into the work that lies behind it.

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How to Close a Sales Call: Overcome these 10 Potential Problems

Posted on 03 September , 2014 by Javier Heredia

close a sales callAre you prepared for the unexpected? As well prepped as you are for a sales call, there’s always a chance something unplanned could happen to knock your confidence - and block your capacity to sell.

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Top Sales Tips from Experts: Jeffrey Gitomer, Jill Konrath & Mike Weinberg

Posted on 28 August , 2014 by Pilar

expert sales adviceDoes your sales team practice consultative selling? What’s the difference between your product’s value proposition and its USP? Are your sales meetings thoroughly prepared?


There are many bloggers out there imparting thousands of pages of sales advice. We’ve put the spotlight on 3 sales experts - Jeffrey Gitomer, Jill Konrath and Mike Weinberg - to give you some practical tips for successful selling.

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Sales Conflicts: How to Respond When a Customer says “The Price is too High”

Posted on 21 August , 2014 by Pilar

Sales conflictsAnyone who works in sales has experienced that uncomfortable feeling when a customer disagrees with you, no matter how well you present your sales arguments.


A customer could be dissatisfied by a failure to meet delivery dates, poor product or service quality, making comparisons with the competition, or mediocre customer service. All signs that you're customer is not going to buy. Assuming this is not the case with your business, the most common problem you’re likely to come across is that your customer or prospect questions the price of what you’re selling.


So, your customer says your product is too expensive… Here are 3 pieces of advice on the best way to react to this and build a lasting customer relationship. Let's work this sales conflicts.

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Create a Personal Customer Experience for a Stand-Out Brand Identity

Posted on 14 August , 2014 by Pilar

customer experience personal brand identity Think for a moment about your product or service. How exclusive is it? Does the price reflect that exclusivity? Do your sales arguments make your target audience sit up and listen?

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8 Ways to Create an Impeccable Brand Experience that Boosts Sales

Posted on 16 July , 2014 by Pilar

Brand ExperienceIf you love good coffee and more, chances are you’re a customer of brands like Nespresso and Starbucks. You appreciate not just the delicate blend of aroma and flavour, but also the experience each brand offers. As well as your Starbucks coffee you get jazz music in the background, comfy sofas, free wifi and great customer service. All in all, an address you’d probably recommend.

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