How Sales Managers Conquer Time Management

Posted on 14 March , 2018 by Ed Johnson

While I struggle to find anyone who actually enjoys the admin in their life, as a seller, it is a critical piece of your role.  I often refer to these tasks as “time bombs”. Yes, you need to stay on top of your admin, however, doing so can suck your time away from your pipeline...that simply translates to “time is money”.  

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6.1 tweaks that you could (and should) use to improve your sales emails

Posted on 17 February , 2017 by Adrian

An optimized, creative and “human” (we’ll get to that later) email campaign generates 18x more conversions than a simple, standard one. How can you fine-tune yours to get the most out of it? From a sales point of view, as technology advances we have more possibilities regarding acquisition and loyalty-building strategies. Sales emails still have the potential to improve your open rate and the quality of your follow-ups.

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6 ForceManager CRM Features That Help Optimize Your Time

Posted on 16 November , 2016 by Luke White

Manage your time well and you’re likely to pave the way for success. Find out how ForceManager CRM can truly help you make the most of your time.

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7 Common Mistakes that Could Cost You a Sale...and How to Avoid them!

Posted on 03 October , 2016 by Julien

Selling means putting a great number of skills to practice but the smallest slip could spoil it all. What are some of the biggest sales mistakes and how can you avoid them?

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How to Define Your Buyer Persona and Sell More

Posted on 07 July , 2016 by Armand



It’s important to first know your buyers before you start selling to them. Do you have a buyer persona? Today we’ll explain how you can define your ideal client.

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Sales Techniques: Key Principles Behind the Science of Persuasion

Posted on 18 September , 2014 by Pilar

Sales Techniques Science of Persuasion Think for a second about the day-to-day work of your sales team… Which words spring to mind? Challenging? Problematic? Gratifying? And what are the universal principles behind the science of persuasion?

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ForceManager Mobile CRM Sales Conference: “Sales Efficiency on the Move”

Posted on 04 June , 2014 by Ana da Silva

ForceManager Mobile CRMThe very first "Sales efficiency on the move” conference, organized jointly by ForceManager and the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, was held in Valencia on 29 May 2014.

The success of the event, which brought together more than 50 professionals from a variety of sectors, confirmed once again the interest of companies in implementing mobility-based sales force management tools, in order to successfully meet the challenges of today's market.

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Sales Strategies to Increase your Email Open Rate

Posted on 10 April , 2014 by Pilar

increase email open rateNearly 70% of US email recipients report email as spam based on the subject heading. This statistic published on the Convince & Convert website shows how the email open rate can plummet if you don’t write an effective headline. You need to stand out and generate interest both through your product offering – and your writing.


So how do you convert leads to customers through persuasive sales copy? Here are some of the key elements:

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How CRM Benefits Business Management & Sales Performance

Posted on 04 April , 2014 by Victor

CRM benefitsEvery company that uses CRM (Customer Relationship Management) shows a clear commitment to get to know its customers better by studying their needs - and offering them a personalized solution. A CRM is a strategic tool, powered by technology and cloud computing, and helps build cooperation between sales and the other departments within the company.

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3 Timely Sales Tips for Improving Profitability

Posted on 19 December , 2013 by Pilar

profitabilityAs 2013 ended we were aware of all the achievements - and perhaps the shortfalls - of our business, and were ready to optimize our resources and continue our business expansion over the next year. Data analysis, people management, effective communication, customer satisfaction… these are just some of the factors we need to coordinate if we want our sales to keep growing.

Here are 3 pieces of advice that we at ForceManager® believe could come in handy in 2014, plus some practical tips on boosting your profitability by improving your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and reducing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

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