4 Common Reasons Prospects Don't Buy

Posted on 27 June , 2017 by Julien

It’s the end of your sales visit and you’re pretty sure you’ve just delivered the perfect presentation. Not only are you offering them the best price, product and service but you’re prepared for any objection they might come at you with.

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Grab your Prospect's Attention in the First Call (so they don’t hang up within 30 seconds)

Posted on 24 May , 2017 by Lidia A.


Any good sales rep sees a sales opportunity behind every first call, but they should also be aware that the first 30 seconds are crucial in either securing or losing the attention of their prospect forever. Remember, having a positive attitude is 70% of the work into grabbing their attention.

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7 Tips to a Successful Sales Call

Posted on 24 March , 2014 by Pilar

Sales callDo you have an important sales opportunity coming up? If so, follow our 7 recommendations and we guarantee you’ll be ready to dazzle your potential client.

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Shorter Calls Result in Higher Sales

Posted on 27 December , 2013 by Ana da Silva

short sales callsForceManager has analysed more than 50,000 calls made or received by companies specialising in B2B sales, and with sales teams of between 10 and 50 people. The conclusion? The most effective sales calls last no more than three and a half minutes. After this point, sales drop rapidly.

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