12 Motivational Quotes for Fearless Sales Reps

Posted on 19 October , 2016 by Armand

motivational quotesThe role of a sales representative is arguably one of the professions that most influences state of mind and self-motivation. So we’ve compiled a list of 12 motivational quotes, dedicated specifically to sales reps, that’ll get you energized and help you overcome any personal obstacles that stand between you and your sales.

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#IWD16 Time to Take Action in the #PledgeForParity

Posted on 08 March , 2016 by Pilar


Today the world is celebrating International Women’s Day. IWD is an event that marks progress and makes calls for changes that are still yet to be made regarding gender parity. One year ago, The World Economic Forum made the shocking prediction that it would take another 117 years before we achieved global gender parity. IWD’s theme this year is therefore to encourage both men and women to make the #PledgeForParity and help achieve gender equity faster.

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Top Motivational Quotes for Sales Success (II)

Posted on 20 January , 2015 by Pilar

motivational sales quotesGoing home in the underground this evening, a woman stood out from all the other commuters. From time to time she raised her head to look at her fellow travellers, their heads bent over their smartphones. She thought for a moment, then looked down again at her small notebook. She was using it to write down inspirational sentences, compiling a book of positive, intelligent lessons from both famous historical figures and successful business leaders. And there’s a good chance it featured more motivational quotes on successful selling

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Top Motivational Sales Quotes for Success

Posted on 16 October , 2014 by Pilar

motivational sales quotesMotivation is a key factor in successful sales. We’ve compiled a series of quotes from the experts: inspirational advice from sales gurus whose words add meaning to the business of selling. Have we left out your favourite sales quote? Go ahead and add it in the comments below.

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