ForceManager 2.4 for iOS: Digitalized Processes for Smarter Selling

Posted on 09 January , 2017 by Miquel Segarra


ForceManager continues its mission to innovate and perfect mobile CRM, aspiring to make the work of sales teams that little bit easier.  That’s why we’re the first mobile sales tool to deliver scan-on-the-go capabilities directly to field sales reps, meaning documents can be created and managed easier and faster than ever before.


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The Transition from CRM to Personal Sales Assistant

Posted on 09 January , 2017 by Miquel Segarra

 Traditional mobile CRM systems struggle to provide field sales reps with the information they need, when they need it. That’s why contextualization from a personal sales assistant tool is key.


Think back to the last time you were running late for an appointment and weren’t able to let anyone know, or perhaps fighting through your client account for a snippet of your previous visit? And your CRM just threw back a blank stare as if to say - “What do you want me to do about it?”


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5 Predictions for CRM in 2017

Posted on 14 December , 2016 by Victor

With 2016 drawing to a close it’s time to look ahead to the future. What can we expect to see from CRM in 2017? What will be the key customer relationship management trends?

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ForceManager and iOS 10. A New Era in Mobile CRM Technology

Posted on 14 September , 2016 by Xavier

Along with the iPhone 7, Apple’s iOS 10 release has been its most anticipated to date. Bursting with a host of new features, it’s got everyone excited, especially business professionals. It has the ability to round off the edges of the trickier daily tasks, making work that little more manageable. Take ForceManager for example…

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Mobile CRM vs Traditional CRM: Important Statistics you Need to Know

Posted on 31 August , 2016 by Nuno

Mobile CRM apps and traditional software exist side by side in the business sphere, but what are the differences when we compare a desktop and mobile CRM? And which of these is the better of the two?

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Revolutionize Your Sales, Go Wearable

Posted on 26 October , 2015 by Oscar

Oscar_wearablesThere is no denying that the future lays with wearables. Whether they’re on our wrist, feet, arms, legs, even ingested, they are going to have a major impact on how we conduct our day to day lives. We are already starting to see the benefits in healthcare, so it’s only natural that this type of technology spills over into the world of business.

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3 mobile options for the field sales CRM

Posted on 01 July , 2015 by Xavier

For years, field sales reps have loathed their company CRM and the management team mandating it’s daily use. After a long day of meetings and prospecting, the last thing they want to do is data entry. Plus, once their notes are in the CRM the data is hardly useful when they’re back in the field the next day. Once they’re on the road, opening their laptop, connecting to WIFI and accessing their previously entered data is a rarely a worthwhile activity. To the field sales professional, the desktop CRM is little more than a burden - a mandatory repository stealing their hard-earned relationship information and mostly beneficial to management and the customer service teams. 

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6 reasons why you should adopt the mobile CRM ForceManager – the salesperson’s perspective

Posted on 11 June , 2015 by Julien

Hi, I’m Julien Azarian. I’m from France and I manage sales for ForceManager in Northern Spain. I’ve been working in sales for the past 10 years, using every type of CRM – some customised, others more traditional models.

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The future of the self-employed relies on the mobile CRM

Posted on 28 May , 2015 by Xavier

Typically, when we think about CRM software, we think about large sales teams and big organisations managing multi-million dollar accounts. Terms and phrases like implementations, buy-in and change management come to mind as managers pour over the data to predict future revenues and move the share price up a bit. 

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Why the future of mobile CRM is wearable

Posted on 29 April , 2015 by Oscar

Were going to conduct a little experiment. Pick up your smartphone and, without turning it on, give it a good look. What do you notice? Its probably gotten larger over the last few years. Now, activate it - how many unseen notifications do you have? A dozen? More? Missed calls, emails, text messages, Facebook messenger alerts, WhatsApp messages, calendar updates, social media alerts, even your CRM is pinging you with a task alert that youve missed a 90-day follow up on a not-so-important prospect.

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