ForceManager for iOS 11 and iPhone X

Posted on 20 September , 2017 by Xavier

It’s that time of year again. September’s long-awaited return brings months of guesswork to a conclusion with the official Apple iOS 11, iPhone 8 and iPhone X releases.    

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ForceManager and iOS 10. A New Era in Mobile CRM Technology

Posted on 14 September , 2016 by Xavier

Along with the iPhone 7, Apple’s iOS 10 release has been its most anticipated to date. Bursting with a host of new features, it’s got everyone excited, especially business professionals. It has the ability to round off the edges of the trickier daily tasks, making work that little more manageable. Take ForceManager for example…

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NEW Features For ForceManager Mobile CRM 2.2 on iOS

Posted on 27 July , 2016 by Xavier

This summer we’re adding a host of new features and improvements to ForceManager for iOS and they don't fail to impress, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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ForceManager Update for iOS, Version 2.1.7

Posted on 30 March , 2016 by Xavier

Spring has sprung and with it comes new colors and designs, as well as new features on ForceManager.

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ForceManager Now Available on Apple Watch

Posted on 07 October , 2015 by Xavier

Apple_Watch_releaseAfter the overwhelming reception we received following the release of our mobile application for the Android Wear platform, we’re pleased to announce that continued work in the wearable space means our CRM application is now available on the Apple Watch.

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ForceManager rolls out new iOS 9 features

Posted on 09 September , 2015 by Xavier

post_ios9_enRenowned for its simplicity and ease of use, Apple is undoubtedly one of the leading and most recognized brands in the world used by many high-tech innovators. Here at ForceManager, we identify with Apple’s values and our application delivers a powerful yet user-friendly experience. We believe that Apple and ForceManager go hand in hand and that we have designed an application that is perfectly in sync with Apple’s vision.

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ForceManager’s iOS version presents new features and usability improvements

Posted on 17 April , 2015 by Ana da Silva

This week we wish to present the changes made to ForceManager’s latest iOS version. Useful, appealing and innovative, these updates further improve user experience.

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