Mobile CRM vs Traditional CRM: Important Statistics you Need to Know

Posted on 31 August , 2016 by Nuno

Mobile CRM apps and traditional software exist side by side in the business sphere, but what are the differences when we compare a desktop and mobile CRM? And which of these is the better of the two?

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Four Key Points for Keeping Business Trip Expenses Under Control

Posted on 14 July , 2016 by Guest Author

trip_expenses.jpgAn ever increasing number of employees have to travel for work during their working day. Events, meetings and client appointments, whether outside of the city or of the country, form an integral part of the day to day for many companies. If your business has to spend a lot on mileage allowances and trip expenses per day, read on to find some key points to follow on how you can keep them under control. 

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How to Define Your Buyer Persona and Sell More

Posted on 07 July , 2016 by Armand



It’s important to first know your buyers before you start selling to them. Do you have a buyer persona? Today we’ll explain how you can define your ideal client.

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9 Energy Thieves that Rob you of Efficiency at Work

Posted on 14 January , 2016 by Elisa

energy_thievesEnergy thieves can drain you of the strength needed to manage your team to the top. Here’s how to identify and avoid these gremlins so you can work more efficiently

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Sales Productivity: Simple Steps to Achieve Conversion Rate Optimization

Posted on 12 January , 2015 by Pilar

conversion rate optimization Ever feel like you invest too much time in tasks unrelated to your company’s sales activity? Successfully optimizing the time and effort spent in achieving those quarterly objectives is not easy.

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