Want to Stop Losing Time Driving Between Sales Visits?

Posted on 27 June , 2018 by Tanya Sarakinis

If it feels like most of your life is spent driving from one client to the next to then find yourself taxiing your kids around at night, you are not alone.  According to a September 2016 AAA survey, American drivers spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year.

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Digital Transformation of the Insurance Sales Process

Posted on 23 May , 2018 by Pedro Gonzalez

In the early 90s, I began my professional career as an insurance agent at MAPFRE. If at that time Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet L. Brown had lent me DeLorean so that I could take a quick peak into what the future held for the insurance sales process...I would have thought I was in dream land, it was magic or I was indeed in a Sci-Fi movie!

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How to Create a Business Card That Doesn’t Get Thrown Away

Posted on 09 May , 2018 by Julien

Let’s face it, most of the prospects that I hand my business card to probably just throw it away. Those that survive end up coastering for a coffee mug or perhaps lining a middle draw somewhere. And this totally to be expected. Just think back to all the business cards you have received over the years - did you take note of each and every one of them?

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How AI Could be the Key to Revolutionary Productivity in the Field Sales Sector

Posted on 20 February , 2018 by Oscar

By now, you’ve probably interacted with artificial intelligence (AI) technology in some way – but is it making a real impact on your everyday working life? If you’re a field sales rep, the answer is probably no. Or, at least, not yet. And that could mean you’re missing a big opportunity.


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3 mobile options for the field sales CRM

Posted on 01 July , 2015 by Xavier

For years, field sales reps have loathed their company CRM and the management team mandating it’s daily use. After a long day of meetings and prospecting, the last thing they want to do is data entry. Plus, once their notes are in the CRM the data is hardly useful when they’re back in the field the next day. Once they’re on the road, opening their laptop, connecting to WIFI and accessing their previously entered data is a rarely a worthwhile activity. To the field sales professional, the desktop CRM is little more than a burden - a mandatory repository stealing their hard-earned relationship information and mostly beneficial to management and the customer service teams. 

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5 Reasons Why ForceManager is Perfect For Field Sales

Posted on 27 February , 2015 by Ana da Silva

Intuitive and highly practical, such is the new design of our agenda. It has never been so easy for a sales representative to organise the visits that await them in their day’s schedule. The thing is that the salesperson in today’s new environment must have agile sales management to achieve the utmost productivity for the company.


Let’s see how full advantage can be taken of the salesperson’s agenda by using our software. Will you join our team in the pursuit of optimum planning? 

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Mobile CRM – The Solution for Increasing Your Sales

Posted on 25 February , 2014 by Victor

Mobile CRMThe ForceManager solution is based entirely on the concept of mobility to drive efficiency in the management of sales networks. In our view, mobile technology offers two key advantages: it gives you instant access to information on your customer, and allows for automatic recording of that information using mobile devices. With a proven return on investment.

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