ForceManager 2.4 for iOS: Digitalized Processes for Smarter Selling

Posted on 09 January , 2017 by Miquel Segarra


ForceManager continues its mission to innovate and perfect mobile CRM, aspiring to make the work of sales teams that little bit easier.  That’s why we’re the first mobile sales tool to deliver scan-on-the-go capabilities directly to field sales reps, meaning documents can be created and managed easier and faster than ever before.


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5 Predictions for CRM in 2017

Posted on 14 December , 2016 by Victor

With 2016 drawing to a close it’s time to look ahead to the future. What can we expect to see from CRM in 2017? What will be the key customer relationship management trends?

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How to Tackle Customer Retention in Utility's Digital Era

Posted on 24 November , 2016 by Julien

One theme that underlined this year’s European Utility Week held in Barcelona, Spain, is that the industry is undoubtedly undergoing a significant transformation. Shifting international regulatory policy, hordes of actionable data and an increasingly connected consumer base are just a few of these driving forces.

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What Are The Differences Between CRM and ERP?

Posted on 27 October , 2016 by Bevan Hornsby

CRM vs ERPCRMs and ERPs are business software solutions that work in different ways to help companies improve their organization and productivity. However, the two platforms are often confused - so what’s the difference and which is the best option for your business?

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Mobile CRM vs Traditional CRM: Important Statistics you Need to Know

Posted on 31 August , 2016 by Nuno

Mobile CRM apps and traditional software exist side by side in the business sphere, but what are the differences when we compare a desktop and mobile CRM? And which of these is the better of the two?

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5 CRM Predictions For 2016

Posted on 18 December , 2015 by Victor

5_crm_predictions_for_2016What are the latest market trends for Customer Relationship Management? What innovations will shape the future of CRM in 2016? Let’s take a look.

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your CRM?

Posted on 23 September , 2015 by Luke White

post-3CRM’s have been around long enough now for people to understand their role in streamlining and expanding revenue streams. However, understanding its value and maximizing its adoption across your team are two completely different things. Too many companies flounder somewhere in the middle. Yes, their teams are “using” a CRM, aware that it is adding value and organization to their work, yet very few are able to unlock its true potential; like being sat on a goldmine without the explosives.

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SFA vs. CRM: How to Decide

Posted on 29 July , 2015 by Victor

SFA or CRMEvery day, more and more companies are discovering the importance and benefits that can be gained by applying technology to business processes. However, with all the various options and terminology being thrown around out there it’s hard to stay on top, to figure out what you need and whether it’s going to be useful for your business. The most common conundrum occurs when executives discuss Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sale’s Force Automation (SFA). The misconception is that CRM and SFA are one and the same, but they’re not!

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5 Ways to motivate your team to use a CRM

Posted on 12 July , 2015 by Ana da Silva

So far it’s been a productive meeting, Sales are high and spirits even higher; nothing could dampen the mood.

You mull it over in your head. Yes, you decide, “I can feel it!” Maybe, just maybe, this time will be different:

“Right, team… how are those CRMs coming along?”

But no, it’s just as you’d expected: heads hang, feet shuffle and those blank stares of contempt begin to rise from every corner of the meeting room, all fixed on you.

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This is why your sales team HATES the new sales CRM

Posted on 19 June , 2015 by Victor

As with most important things in business, and in life, the amount value that goes into a process is directly related to the amount of value that comes out the other end. Nowhere does this ring more true than in your sales CRM. Managers, especially managers that are leading the implementation of a new CRM application, have all been on the receiving end of an oft-painful lesson: your sales CRM is only as valuable as the information that is getting entered. 

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