2 Must-Read Sales Books For World Book Day

Posted on 23 April , 2017 by Jack Tuckwell

As World Book Day is once again upon us it seemed logical to prepare a quick piece on a couple of sales books I’ve just finished going through:

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Keep Calm and Sell More

Posted on 03 April , 2017 by Julien Azarian


A sales rep’s best virtues are tolerance and perseverance. They are abilities that sales reps naturally demonstrate in times of difficulty. For example, coming out patient from a meeting after negotiating a tough deal with a potential client.


As well as reminding you to “keep calm” in awkward situations like the one above, here are some further reminders of some of the moments you’ll have certainly experienced at some point in your career with your portfolio of prospects or clients.


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3 Ways to Improve Online Presence and Impact Consumer Purchase Decisions

Posted on 16 March , 2017 by Ana da Silva


According to Sam Sebastian, Managing Director at Google Canada, 71% of consumers consulted the internet before making a definitive purchasing decision. Now factor in the exponential growth, development and sophistication that has taken place online over the last 4 years, and you start to see its importance.


This all maybe well and good you ask, but what does this have to with salespeople?

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Best Picks of the #MWC17 Barcelona

Posted on 03 March , 2017 by Elisa

We were lucky enough to be back at the mobile tech industry’s largest annual trade fair, the Mobile World Congress. There’s really no other show in the world quite like it, filled with tech geeks, new technologies, app makers and startups, here’s a look at what everyone was tweeting.  


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6.1 tweaks that you could (and should) use to improve your sales emails

Posted on 17 February , 2017 by Adrian

An optimized, creative and “human” (we’ll get to that later) email campaign generates 18x more conversions than a simple, standard one. How can you fine-tune yours to get the most out of it? From a sales point of view, as technology advances we have more possibilities regarding acquisition and loyalty-building strategies. Sales emails still have the potential to improve your open rate and the quality of your follow-ups.

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7 Hidden Techniques for Better Sales Closure

Posted on 15 February , 2017 by Julien


It’s time to take charge of your sales! Meet the most effective closing techniques and tips to boost your business output. 

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5 Tips for a Stand-Out Sales Presentation

Posted on 30 January , 2017 by Pilar

Companies often create sales presentations for field sales reps as a support to their sales. But how well do they actually make them? What happens if they’re badly done? How can you make sure you close a sale with a winning presentation?

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ForceManager 2.4 for iOS: Digitalized Processes for Smarter Selling

Posted on 09 January , 2017 by Miquel Segarra


ForceManager continues its mission to innovate and perfect mobile CRM, aspiring to make the work of sales teams that little bit easier.  That’s why we’re the first mobile sales tool to deliver scan-on-the-go capabilities directly to field sales reps, meaning documents can be created and managed easier and faster than ever before.


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The Transition from CRM to Personal Sales Assistant

Posted on 09 January , 2017 by Miquel Segarra

 Traditional mobile CRM systems struggle to provide field sales reps with the information they need, when they need it. That’s why contextualization from a personal sales assistant tool is key.


Think back to the last time you were running late for an appointment and weren’t able to let anyone know, or perhaps fighting through your client account for a snippet of your previous visit? And your CRM just threw back a blank stare as if to say - “What do you want me to do about it?”


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5 Predictions for CRM in 2017

Posted on 14 December , 2016 by Victor

With 2016 drawing to a close it’s time to look ahead to the future. What can we expect to see from CRM in 2017? What will be the key customer relationship management trends?

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