7 AI Takeaways from the Mobile World Congress 2018

Posted on 07 March , 2018 by Jordi Capdevila

If you eagerly followed the Mobile World Congress 2018 coverage over the past week or so you’ll be no stranger to the words “Artificial Intelligence” or AI. Barcelona has been host to everything from homegrown voice-activated, personal sales assistant applications to actual robotic, classroom teaching assistants (meet Pepper).

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How AI Could be the Key to Revolutionary Productivity in the Field Sales Sector

Posted on 20 February , 2018 by Oscar

By now, you’ve probably interacted with artificial intelligence (AI) technology in some way – but is it making a real impact on your everyday working life? If you’re a field sales rep, the answer is probably no. Or, at least, not yet. And that could mean you’re missing a big opportunity.


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5 Sales Predictions and Trends for 2018

Posted on 22 December , 2017 by Jordi Capdevila

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ForceManager for iOS 11 and iPhone X

Posted on 20 September , 2017 by Xavier

It’s that time of year again. September’s long-awaited return brings months of guesswork to a conclusion with the official Apple iOS 11, iPhone 8 and iPhone X releases.    

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GoalManager: Lead Your Sales Team with Personalized Sales Targets

Posted on 18 September , 2017 by Victor

We all know the importance of setting specific, measurable, achievable, results-driven and time-bound sales goals, otherwise known as SMART goals. But are you aware of the potential effectiveness of having each member of your sales team set individual sales targets that facilitate joint success?

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Is the Insurance Industry’s Digital Transition Really as Tough as Building a Pyramid?

Posted on 25 August , 2017 by Oscar

Towering in at around 480 feet and 750 feet wide, The Great Pyramid of Giza remains the last standing ancient wonder of the world. Experts estimate that it required somewhere around 2,500,000 blocks of solid stone to build, with each block weighing in at 2-15 ton. Add this to the difficulties involved with engineering and construction along with the unique challenges posed by the feeding, sheltering and organization of such an immense workforce required to build it…

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4 Common Reasons Prospects Don't Buy

Posted on 27 June , 2017 by Julien

It’s the end of your sales visit and you’re pretty sure you’ve just delivered the perfect presentation. Not only are you offering them the best price, product and service but you’re prepared for any objection they might come at you with.

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Grab your Prospect's Attention in the First Call (so they don’t hang up within 30 seconds)

Posted on 24 May , 2017 by Lidia A.


Any good sales rep sees a sales opportunity behind every first call, but they should also be aware that the first 30 seconds are crucial in either securing or losing the attention of their prospect forever. Remember, having a positive attitude is 70% of the work into grabbing their attention.

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Is it legal to sign sales contracts with electronic signatures?

Posted on 17 May , 2017 by Guest Author


Every good salesperson knows that the critical moment of any sale is the closing. There are several techniques to close a sale, all are equally valid and apply according to each specific case. But once you have already changed the potential customer's thinking, and he/she has made the decision to purchase your product or service, the common denominator at the end of the sales process is signing the contract in question.


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2 Must-Read Sales Books For World Book Day

Posted on 23 April , 2017 by Jack Tuckwell

As World Book Day is once again upon us it seemed logical to prepare a quick piece on a couple of sales books I’ve just finished going through:

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