12 Motivational Quotes for Fearless Sales Reps

Posted on 19 October , 2016 by Armand

motivational quotesThe role of a sales representative is arguably one of the professions that most influences state of mind and self-motivation. So we’ve compiled a list of 12 motivational quotes, dedicated specifically to sales reps, that’ll get you energized and help you overcome any personal obstacles that stand between you and your sales. 

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How To Get A Potential Client to Say "Yes"

Posted on 05 October , 2016 by Nuno

How to get a client to say yesSales reps often deal with rejection from prospective clients when pitching their product. However, knowing how to spin a customer ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ could help you economize your efforts as a sales rep.

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Back to School - A Roundup of the Best, Free, Online Sales Courses

Posted on 28 September , 2016 by Xavi C.

free sales coursesAs September draws to a close, you’ve no doubt heard stories from your children’s first couple of weeks of school. The nerves, tears, laughter, the refusal to let go of your trouser leg…

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Master Non-Verbal Communication, Master your Sales

Posted on 21 September , 2016 by Pilar

non-verbal communicationDid you know it takes just 1/5th of a second for you to make your first impression of someone?

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ForceManager and iOS 10. A New Era in Mobile CRM Technology

Posted on 14 September , 2016 by Xavier

Along with the iPhone 7, Apple’s iOS 10 release has been its most anticipated to date. Bursting with a host of new features, it’s got everyone excited, especially business professionals. It has the ability to round off the edges of the trickier daily tasks, making work that little more manageable. Take ForceManager for example…

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A Day in the Life of a 1970s Sales Rep

Posted on 08 September , 2016 by Victor

1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010…


The truth is, if you’re a sales rep and you still haven’t given any thought to digitalizing your sales management (with a mobile CRM for example)… what are you doing? It’s 2016 and the whole vintage thing is over.

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Mobile CRM vs Traditional CRM: Important Statistics you Need to Know

Posted on 31 August , 2016 by Nuno

Mobile CRM apps and traditional software exist side by side in the business sphere, but what are the differences when we compare a desktop and mobile CRM? And which of these is the better of the two?

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7 Common Mistakes that Could Cost You a Sale...and How to Avoid them!

Posted on 17 August , 2016 by Julien

Selling means putting a great number of skills to practice but the smallest slip could spoil it all. What are some of the biggest sales mistakes and how can you avoid them?

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ForceManager Mobile CRM Lands in Mexico

Posted on 10 August , 2016 by Elisa

ForceManager mobiloe CRM MexicoThe results of hard teamwork and our well-received mobile CRM bring with it more good news. ForceManager is expanding again, this time to Mexico! 


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NEW Features For ForceManager Mobile CRM 2.2 on iOS

Posted on 27 July , 2016 by Xavier

This summer we’re adding a host of new features and improvements to ForceManager for iOS and they don't fail to impress, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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