Communications & PR Manager at ForceManager, specialized in Inbound Marketing, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Strategy. Post-graduate PR lecturer at the IEBS Business School.

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5 Tips for a Stand-Out Sales Presentation

Posted on 30 January , 2017 by Pilar

Companies often create sales presentations for field sales reps as a support to their sales. But how well do they actually make them? What happens if they’re badly done? How can you make sure you close a sale with a winning presentation?

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ForceManager Auditions: Discover The Best Acts From Our Christmas Casting

Posted on 05 December , 2016 by Pilar

After countless hours in the studio recording, refining and fine-tuning the casting is finally over. Competition was intense to feature in ForceManager’s debut single, set for release this winter and already touted as a live contender for the Christmas number 1 spot…

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Master Non-Verbal Communication, Master your Sales

Posted on 21 September , 2016 by Pilar

non-verbal communicationDid you know it takes just 1/5th of a second for you to make your first impression of someone?

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5 Sales Books To Skim Through On World Book Day

Posted on 20 April , 2016 by Pilar

5_Books_to_skim_through_world_book_day.jpgIt only seems natural that, on the birth date of Shakespeare, we take a look at some of the best sales collateral to be penned over the last few years. So without further ado, here are our Top 5 sales books to take note of this year's upcoming World Book Day.

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#IWD16 Time to Take Action in the #PledgeForParity

Posted on 08 March , 2016 by Pilar


Today the world is celebrating International Women’s Day. IWD is an event that marks progress and makes calls for changes that are still yet to be made regarding gender parity. One year ago, The World Economic Forum made the shocking prediction that it would take another 117 years before we achieved global gender parity. IWD’s theme this year is therefore to encourage both men and women to make the #PledgeForParity and help achieve gender equity faster.

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The ForceManager Story – Continued: The internationalization of mobile CRM

Posted on 22 July , 2015 by Pilar

In January we talked to you about the growth spurt ForceManager had put on -maturing from a carefully incubated start-up to a leading contender in the mobile CRM market. Well, that was six months ago, and because so much has been going on in the meantime, we feel it’s about time we gave you a further update.


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How to harness your body language - and approach sales with power

Posted on 14 May , 2015 by Pilar

What does your body language communicate in sales situations? Are you coming across in a confident, captivating way? Or is your non-verbal expression giving your power away?

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How much do blogs influence the buying decision?

Posted on 08 April , 2015 by Pilar

Thinking about developing your content marketing as a new channel for capturing leads? The online market research company ResearchNow recently analysed the extent to which blogs are a driver of sales. The conclusions are well worth a read.

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30 compelling statistics on selling (II)

Posted on 25 March , 2015 by Pilar

What are the best techniques for maturing leads? How important is mobility? What advantages do social media offer? And is there a direct link between an educational blog and your company’s sales? 

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4 Factors That Determine The Destiny Of The Self-Made Salesperson

Posted on 11 March , 2015 by Pilar

“Are top salespeople born or made?” Many successful salespeople have an innate ability to sell. Others have learnt how to sell well. Having identified the 7 natural instincts of top salespeople, Steve W. Martin focuses his research on exactly what makes a self-made salesperson.


He pinpoints 4 factors that determine the self-made salesperson’s destiny:

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