CEO and Co-Founder of ForceManager. Nuclear Engineer, having studied at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), and Executive MBA from the IESE Business School.

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A new milestone: ForceManager acquires Sellf

Posted on 18 September , 2018 by Oscar


 Watch Oscar Macia and Diego Pizzocaro discuss the acquisition and what it signifies for the future of field sales.

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How To Improve Sales Through a Clearly Defined UVP

Posted on 27 August , 2018 by Oscar

How to improve sales?

The first thing that comes to mind is to hire more sales reps. Throw a few more bodies at it and see if we can’t hit quota that way. It might work, I suppose, but it requires significant budget and if there are serious issues with the sales process, then this is a band aid. Throwing numbers at it won’t solve anything in the long run.

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How AI Could be the Key to Revolutionary Productivity in the Field Sales Sector

Posted on 20 February , 2018 by Oscar

By now, you’ve probably interacted with artificial intelligence (AI) technology in some way – but is it making a real impact on your everyday working life? If you’re a field sales rep, the answer is probably no. Or, at least, not yet. And that could mean you’re missing a big opportunity.


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Is the Insurance Industry’s Digital Transition Really as Tough as Building a Pyramid?

Posted on 25 August , 2017 by Oscar

Towering in at around 480 feet and 750 feet wide, The Great Pyramid of Giza remains the last standing ancient wonder of the world. Experts estimate that it required somewhere around 2,500,000 blocks of solid stone to build, with each block weighing in at 2-15 ton. Add this to the difficulties involved with engineering and construction along with the unique challenges posed by the feeding, sheltering and organization of such an immense workforce required to build it…

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Revolutionize Your Sales, Go Wearable

Posted on 26 October , 2015 by Oscar

Oscar_wearablesThere is no denying that the future lays with wearables. Whether they’re on our wrist, feet, arms, legs, even ingested, they are going to have a major impact on how we conduct our day to day lives. We are already starting to see the benefits in healthcare, so it’s only natural that this type of technology spills over into the world of business.

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Why the future of mobile CRM is wearable

Posted on 29 April , 2015 by Oscar

Were going to conduct a little experiment. Pick up your smartphone and, without turning it on, give it a good look. What do you notice? Its probably gotten larger over the last few years. Now, activate it - how many unseen notifications do you have? A dozen? More? Missed calls, emails, text messages, Facebook messenger alerts, WhatsApp messages, calendar updates, social media alerts, even your CRM is pinging you with a task alert that youve missed a 90-day follow up on a not-so-important prospect.

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3 Sales Metrics that Help Boost Conversion Rates

Posted on 04 February , 2015 by Oscar

sales metrics conversion ratesIt’s Monday morning. You call a meeting of your sales team to plan the week’s activities. On the agenda: a presentation at a major event in your sector, a meeting with product managers to find out the latest product improvements (and agree how to communicate them), a final meeting with an expert on consultative sales, a review of the newsletter and a look at which contacts to call… In other words, an extensive list of pretty important tasks.


But if you don’t start the meeting by looking at the current status of sales, you can forget the whole agenda. What fuels the sales department are concrete, valid facts about what’s happening in the sales funnel – facts that can be compared, contrasted and analysed.


If you want to grow your sales, you, the sales manager – and your team – need to know 3 key sales metrics:

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Why Should a Field Sales Team Invest in a Mobile CRM?

Posted on 22 October , 2014 by Oscar

Mobile CRMIt’s a fact. Mobile technology significantly improves the quality of field sales management. Tablets and smartphones are becoming essential tools for sales forces that want to excel by closing more deals - and increase profitability. Mobile-based technology, used effectively, helps you perfect conversations with your customers on a daily basis, and automate a large part of your sales activity.

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Key Tips for Successful Sales Coaching

Posted on 18 February , 2014 by Oscar

sales coaching
What does it take to be an effective sales leader?


According to a study by Neil Rackham, an international expert on sales strategy, teams that receive training but no coaching or reinforcement post-training, experience a drop of 87% in knowledge acquired. A culture of coaching increases productivity because of the active participation of all those involved. And it makes for a more attractive workplace. And having long-term employees who know the company well - and are passionate about their work - accelerates sales growth and helps assure a secure future for the company.

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