Michael Croke

Michael Croke is an International Business Development Manager at ForceManager. Previously Michael was Partner Development Manager for strategic global accounts at Cisco. Michael is passionate about sales, building relationships and keeping up to date with how technology can help change how we do business for the better.

Recent Posts

Mobile CRM App vs. Traditional CRM: 7 Reasons For Going Mobile

Posted on 13 September , 2018 by Michael Croke

So you’ve heard about some of the benefits of a mobile CRM app, right? But still perhaps a little unsure about exactly what it is, what it entails and why on earth you should be considering replacing your traditional system with it.

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5 Tennis Players You Need on Your Sales Team

Posted on 11 July , 2018 by Michael Croke

This week serves up the quarter finals of the 131st edition of Wimbledon (yes, it really has been running since way back in 1877). Unfortunately with the Irish contingent just missing out on a spot in the last 16, I thought I’d come up with my own dream team of grand slam winners who I’d die to have alongside me on the sales floor.

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