Territory Sales Manager, northeast area, at ForceManager. Master’s Degree in Trade and International Relations from the University of Toulon, France. Passionate about the world of consultative selling.

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How to Tackle Customer Retention in Utility's Digital Era

Posted on 24 November , 2016 by Julien

One theme that underlined this year’s European Utility Week held in Barcelona, Spain, is that the industry is undoubtedly undergoing a significant transformation. Shifting international regulatory policy, hordes of actionable data and an increasingly connected consumer base are just a few of these driving forces.

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7 Common Mistakes that Could Cost You a Sale...and How to Avoid them!

Posted on 17 August , 2016 by Julien

Selling means putting a great number of skills to practice but the smallest slip could spoil it all. What are some of the biggest sales mistakes and how can you avoid them?

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5 Qualities that Make a True Sales Leader

Posted on 30 June , 2016 by Julien

5_Qualities_That_Make_a_True_Sales_Leader.jpgWhat’s the formula for success in a sales department? Are good leaders born or made? And what exactly characterizes a sales leader?

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7 Cold Calling Tips For Sales Success

Posted on 06 April , 2016 by Julien

7_cold_calling_tips.jpgNeed advice on how to cold call? With the right frame of mind, it’s easy. Here are a few sales techniques to help you succeed the next time you cold call your future prospects.

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What We’re Looking Forward TO at MWC16

Posted on 18 February , 2016 by Julien

With the New Year now firmly underway, it’s time to turn our attention to one of the most important events to mark any business calendar.

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7 Hidden Techniques for Better Sales Closure

Posted on 20 January , 2016 by Julien


It’s time to take charge of your sales! Meet the most effective closing techniques and tips to boost your business output. 

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20 Signs You're a Die-Hard Salesperson

Posted on 23 December , 2015 by Julien

GIF.jpgHailed as heroes as news spreads like wild fire throughout the office of our exalted efforts in the field. Deal after deal, lead after lead, client after client - the CEO's merry band of deal brokers, their trusted troupe, their salespeople.

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers."

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5 Places to Study Sales in the US

Posted on 06 November , 2015 by Julien

A couple months back I compiled a list of some of the best sales course available in the UK and Ireland and after a heated debate with a colleague from the US (where she challenged my Anglo-centric agenda) we decided to put our heads together to help balance the books once and for all.

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How to Craft The Perfect Sales Pitch

Posted on 30 September , 2015 by Julien

perfect_sales_pitchBeyond the obvious “knowing your product inside out,” I’m often asked what I believe to be the most important factors when it comes down to preparing for a sales pitch. Now I know there are hundreds of tried and tested methods out there, but the success of a potential deal often hinges on the delivery of yours or your sales team’s pitch, so it’s vital to get it spot on. Nail it to the wall. So here’s some food for thought on pitching that perfect delivery.

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5 Qualities Of A Good Sales Manager

Posted on 27 August , 2015 by Julien

sales manager qualities

Being a top sales rep does not automatically qualify you for a management position. You'll quickly learn that a sharp cracking of the whip won’t magically increase your sales figures, nor will it help earn you respect amongst your peers; what may have worked for you isn’t necessarily applicable to your whole team. However, that’s not to say you can’t find a way. Whether you have recently found yourself in a managerial position, or are simply looking to improve upon what you already know, here are a few qualities found in every (scratch that, most) good sales managers.

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