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Is it legal to sign sales contracts with electronic signatures?

Posted on 17 May , 2017 by Guest Author


Every good salesperson knows that the critical moment of any sale is the closing. There are several techniques to close a sale, all are equally valid and apply according to each specific case. But once you have already changed the potential customer's thinking, and he/she has made the decision to purchase your product or service, the common denominator at the end of the sales process is signing the contract in question.


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Four Key Points for Keeping Business Trip Expenses Under Control

Posted on 14 July , 2016 by Guest Author

trip_expenses.jpgAn ever increasing number of employees have to travel for work during their working day. Events, meetings and client appointments, whether outside of the city or of the country, form an integral part of the day to day for many companies. If your business has to spend a lot on mileage allowances and trip expenses per day, read on to find some key points to follow on how you can keep them under control. 

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