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12 Motivational Quotes for Fearless Sales Reps

Posted on 19 October , 2016 by Armand

motivational quotesThe role of a sales representative is arguably one of the professions that most influences state of mind and self-motivation. So we’ve compiled a list of 12 motivational quotes, dedicated specifically to sales reps, that’ll get you energized and help you overcome any personal obstacles that stand between you and your sales.

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Sales Reps, A New Breed Of Pokémon GO Master?

Posted on 15 July , 2016 by Armand

Pokemon GOFor the uninitiated (or maybe those born before 1985) the latest instalment to Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise has, quite literally, sparked off the world’s largest scavenger hunt.

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How to Define Your Buyer Persona and Sell More

Posted on 07 July , 2016 by Armand



It’s important to first know your buyers before you start selling to them. Do you have a buyer persona? Today we’ll explain how you can define your ideal client.

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