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3 Ways to Improve Online Presence and Impact Consumer Purchase Decisions

Posted on 16 March , 2017 by Ana da Silva


According to Sam Sebastian, Managing Director at Google Canada, 71% of consumers consulted the internet before making a definitive purchasing decision. Now factor in the exponential growth, development and sophistication that has taken place online over the last 4 years, and you start to see its importance.


This all maybe well and good you ask, but what does this have to with salespeople?

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Win a Ticket to the Mobile World Congress 2016!

Posted on 12 February , 2016 by Ana da Silva


We have some great news… We want to invite you to the Mobile World Congress!

We will be holding a competition for all those who are familiar with our CRM.

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'Win an Apple Watch!' contest

Posted on 22 December , 2015 by Ana da Silva


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Sandler: The Sales Solution

Posted on 12 November , 2015 by Ana da Silva

Have you ever asked yourself why you became a salesperson? If you empathize with people, are perseverant and love a healthy challenge, you can be sure that your chosen profession was not the result of mere chance. You were born with the skills to tackle one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs out there. Sales is full of obstacles and requires a continuing review of the methodology, tools used and in particular, the behavioral practices of leads. 

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Facebook: The Social Network for Sales

Posted on 15 October , 2015 by Ana da Silva

Facebook_and_salesDo you know, roughly, how many people visit Facebook on a daily basis? Take a wild guess and keep it in your head for a second. Now brace yourselves for the actual figure. According to a statement made by Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in The Guardian, Facebook recently received over one billion logins in a single day. To put it into perspective, that’s 1 in 7 people on the planet.

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How to Incentivize Your Sales Team

Posted on 04 September , 2015 by Ana da Silva

Incentivize your sales teamWhen Frederick W. Taylor started to have vision problems at an early age, he had to settle for watching his friends play baseball from the stands. However, by embracing his role as spectator, he could assess the physical performance of his teammates, allowing him to seek new models and formulas to maximize the efficiency of the players. 

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5 Ways to motivate your team to use a CRM

Posted on 12 July , 2015 by Ana da Silva

So far it’s been a productive meeting, Sales are high and spirits even higher; nothing could dampen the mood.

You mull it over in your head. Yes, you decide, “I can feel it!” Maybe, just maybe, this time will be different:

“Right, team… how are those CRMs coming along?”

But no, it’s just as you’d expected: heads hang, feet shuffle and those blank stares of contempt begin to rise from every corner of the meeting room, all fixed on you.

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ForceManager’s iOS version presents new features and usability improvements

Posted on 17 April , 2015 by Ana da Silva

This week we wish to present the changes made to ForceManager’s latest iOS version. Useful, appealing and innovative, these updates further improve user experience.

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Fancy winning a Moto 360 Smartwatch?

Posted on 27 February , 2015 by Ana da Silva

Fancy winning a Moto 360 Smartwatch? To mark the launch of ForceManager’s #wearableCRM, we have organised a draw on Twitter for this elegant smartwatch so that you can try out genuine sales efficiency on the move.

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5 Reasons Why ForceManager is Perfect For Field Sales

Posted on 27 February , 2015 by Ana da Silva

Intuitive and highly practical, such is the new design of our agenda. It has never been so easy for a sales representative to organise the visits that await them in their day’s schedule. The thing is that the salesperson in today’s new environment must have agile sales management to achieve the utmost productivity for the company.


Let’s see how full advantage can be taken of the salesperson’s agenda by using our software. Will you join our team in the pursuit of optimum planning? 

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