How To Increase Sales Through Social Selling

Posted on 20 June , 2018 by Lucas Emma

Did you know that as of April this year there were 2.2 billion active monthly Facebook users, 546 million on LinkedIn and 330 million on Twitter? That’s a lot of people! Not to mention those using the increasingly popular photo/video streaming platform Instagram.

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Digital Transformation - A Roadmap for Sales Teams by Llorenç Palomas

Posted on 13 June , 2018 by Beatriz Izuriaga

What have been the key industry changes over the past 5-10 years? Is the digitalization of the sales process really that important? And what exactly does the future hold for field sales teams?

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What to see at Europe's Premier Digital Innovation Conference CEBIT 2018

Posted on 06 June , 2018 by Beatriz Izuriaga

Europe’s premier digital innovation and business festival is once again upon us as the world’s largest fairground in Hannover welcomes CEBIT 2018. From June 11 to 15 we’ll get a glimpse at some of the projects pushing the boundaries of digitalization and AI, data analytics, smart homes, security, ECM, mobile solutions and sales software from the likes of Volkswagen, Varonis and Olympia.

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What Sales Reps Can Learn from the Champions League Final

Posted on 28 May , 2018 by Adrian

There are few sporting events that can boast the TV coverage and attention of the Champions League. This year approximately 1.7 Billion people tuned in from around the globe to watch it – if my math’s right that’s something like 22% of the earth’s entire population…

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Digital Transformation of the Insurance Sales Process

Posted on 23 May , 2018 by Pedro Gonzalez

In the early 90s, I began my professional career as an insurance agent at MAPFRE. If at that time Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet L. Brown had lent me DeLorean so that I could take a quick peak into what the future held for the insurance sales process...I would have thought I was in dream land, it was magic or I was indeed in a Sci-Fi movie!

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How to Create a Business Card That Doesn’t Get Thrown Away

Posted on 09 May , 2018 by Julien

Let’s face it, most of the prospects that I hand my business card to probably just throw it away. Those that survive end up coastering for a coffee mug or perhaps lining a middle draw somewhere. And this totally to be expected. Just think back to all the business cards you have received over the years - did you take note of each and every one of them?

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Which Star Wars Salesperson Are You?

Posted on 04 May , 2018 by Victor

To all the die-hard fans who are crazy about the saga: #MayTheFourth be with you!

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5 Sales Lessons We Can Learn From Star Wars

Posted on 04 May , 2018 by Victor

Since it perfectly combines mystery, science fiction, action, adventure and drama, Star Wars is still an unquestionable phenomenon of pop culture. That’s why every May 4, fans from all around the globe take over the internet to express their love for the galaxy far, far away. And it comes as no surprise that the popular pun ‘May the 4th be with you’ which plays with the franchise’s famous phrase ‘May the force be with you’ is no doubt one of the most tweeted hashtags right now.

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How Will AI Affect Sales?

Posted on 01 May , 2018 by Victor


Early adopters such as Salesforce’s Einstein have attempted to solve this conundrum by using AI to trawl data heaps and conjure up some sort of insight for sales managers. Close, but no cigar as unfortunately it just isn’t working.

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Getting Field Sales Teams To Read Your Messages - Where Read Receipts Fall Short

Posted on 26 March , 2018 by Victor

In the beloved age of information overload, the ability to send a message that actually gets opened and reviewed by your sales team has become ever more challenging. If your work depends on you being able to successfully transmit information to a large group of sales reps – perhaps because you are a marketing or sales manager – you are more than familiar with this challenge.

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